Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Gidget Gobbles" Giveaway!

We’ve been busy vending at a quilt show in Tucson and headed to another quilt show in Phoenix but wanted to stop by to say “Hi” in a quite moment. 
Janet, my shop manager, has come up with the cutest doggie gift! She’s totally an “IDEA” person. I love her...she keeps me on my toes. Janet loves to bake and makes the best goodies and shares them with everyone. Well, she always thinking of others and since Gidget is our shop mascot, Janet thought it would be nice to whip up a little something for the little Queen. I just thought this was so cute with Janet’s original drawing inspired by a photo of Gidget when in Texas. 
Janet came up with “Gidget Gobbles”. These treats look like little croutons but have a BIG flavor. All natural ingredients: wheat, corn, beef broth, and a pinch of salt. These treats have been Gidget tested and Gidget approved! Another box is being sent to my Mom’s doggies...Casey and Max!
Soooooo...Gidget wants to do a little doggie giveaway. If you are interested in receiving some “Gidget Gobbles” for your doggie, just leave a comment here on this blog entry for Gidget and the reason why your little baby would like to nibble on some of these delicious treats. Gidget will also include a gift for you, the owner, too...a little quilting something...so be sure to log your comment.
The drawing will be on Feb 1st! Good Luck to the doggie(s) and owner!


  1. What an adorable package!!! Max and Maisy would love treats! Especially Maisy - 20 pounds of doxie!! lol Max needs treats because Maisy is a brute and steals all his food and that is why he is only 9 pounds! :-D

  2. Penny would love to taste Gidget Gobbles! She shares nicely, too!