Monday, February 1, 2010

Everyone's a Winner!

Good Morning...beautiful day here! Crisp 60 degrees. 
Gidget went out this morning and picked the winner of the “Gidget Gobbles” Giveaway! I placed the names on little pieces of paper and placed a “Gidget Gobble” on each of the pieces of paper and made Gidget sit until I said, “OK...GO!!” The first Gidget Gobble she picked would be the BIG winner!

However, since there were only (3) entries (between both of our blogs-blogspot and iweb), Gidget and I decided that EVERYONE WHO ENTERED WINS! The big winner is “Quilter Jan” but there are goodies for “Vicky of LA Quilter” and “Jill of Ramblings of a Fabric Obsessor” as well! So, “Gidget Gobbles” and other quilting goodies all around! I’ll be contacting you all soon for your we can get your prizes out to you. Congrats!!!
Have a wonderful day all!!
Not Gidget but still a Cutie!!

1 comment:

  1. Penny thanks you, Jere'e! She's so excited -- well, actually she's at home and I'm at work, but I know she will be excited when I tell her! Thank you to you and Gidget!