Monday, May 10, 2010

Bound for Quilted Quickies Retreat

Gidget is all “duded-up” and ready for our quilt retreat. That’s right...she’s even sportin’ her own retreat badge. Yep...she actually going to this retreat! I just had to share these pics with everyone. Too cute and I’m rolling on the floor laughing...poor little doggie. I know she’s probably saying...OK already MOM!!
 It’s our 2nd Annual “Stash Bashers Quilt Retreat”. It starts this Thursday and runs through Sunday. We are getting so excited to see all the ladies. It’s a great group of woman...40 to be exact!! We have a full house! Well, ranch I should say, will be full. Our retreat is held at a place called COD Ranch in Oracle Arizona. It is beautiful! Lovely casitas and it’s rustic charm is the perfect place to hold our 2nd retreat. We work on UFO projects, eat, laugh, play games and just plain have a blast!
Soon I will share photos of the retreat and all the fun I know we will have.
So stay tuned...just had to share. Be sure to give Gidget a little “Hello” and comment on her modeling job.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"Flutter By Me" Kit Winners!

Gidget was mad at me because I used “True Random Number Generator” instead of her to pick the winner for the “Flutter By Me” here she is sticking her tongue out at me. Yep...this is my little brat!
The drawing was held between our two different blogs ( or and the “True Random Number Generator” chose #2.
So...the winner for placing an entry is...Joan that placed her entry at Thursday, April 22, 2010 - 03:55 AM.
The winner for a referral is...Vicky of LA Quilter.
Congrats ladies and I thank EVERYONE who participated! We will do another giveaway please stay tuned.
Well, it’s off to kit “Calendar Girl”...still waiting on trims. ETA for shipping “Calendar Girl” kits looks like the end of May for sure. Also, finishing up last minute details on our Quilted Quickies “Stash Basher’s” Quilt Retreat (click here to see last years retreat video). Our retreat dates are from May 13th -16th...we will have lots of pics and hopefully a video from our fun retreat soon.
Happy Quilting Everyone and thank again so much for stopping by.