Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Flutter By Me" Kit Giveaway

It’s time for another kit GIVEAWAY! Well, actually two! We are trying to build our visitors to our blog who leave comments. We have visitors but not many people leave comments...they must be shy ;-) This is how we will work this one...
If you leave a comment, you will be in the drawing for the giveaway. If you refer a friend to our blog, have your friend mention your first name and last name initial in their comment and that will put you in the drawing for the most referrals. So, there will be a winner for “leaving a comment” and then a winner for the “most referrals”.
“Flutter by Me” is the name of the design above. It has been one of our most popular kits. This design measures approximately 19” square. We are offering all of our wing color options for this giveaway, except the blue wing option you see pictured above but you will have all our other options if you win (orange, purple, pink, or green...all the rest stays the same). This cute design came to us via “American Quilt Retailer” magazine and was designed by Susan Fuquay.
If you don’t happen to win this one but would like to order our “Flutter by Me” kit via our web here.
Thanks for playing and and helping us build our blog...we really appreciate it! Please be sure to leave your email address or email address link so we can contact you, if you are a winner. This drawing will be held between our two different only need to sign one or the other ( or
All entries are must be in by May 4, 2010. Drawing winners will be announced on May 5, 2010 (Cinco de Mayo).
Good Luck!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mr. Toads Wild Ride

Not sure how many of you remember "Mr. Toads Wild Ride" at Disneyland but that's what I feel like I've riding on since my last post in March. We are always crazy busy this time of year, vending at quilt shows and then trying to finish up taxes before they are due. Can I say..."I love doing quilt shows...HATE DOING TAXES." Well, now it's time to jump off the "ride" and slow down a bit.

After finishing my taxes the other day, I celebrated by working on a quilt I started last year for Miss Gidget. It's a simple quilt but very cute. I'll share it with you after my friend Monica finishes quilting it for me. I'm so excited that I actually finished a project that wasn't one of my own designs! I'm sure Gidget will love it because I'm going to use "Minky" for the backing. I know...I'm the best Mommy ever...tee, hee.

Well speaking of Gidget, my friend Cherie sent me a couple of photos she took on her vacation in honor of Miss Gidget...too cute huh?!

Well, that's all for now...just wanted to get into the "blogging" swing again, now that life is fairly normal again. I'm going to do a little give-away next stay tuned.

Have you kissed your doggie or kitty today? Be sure you do!! ;-)