Friday, January 8, 2010

Quilts From The Heart

When I first started designing and went to my first quilt market in Houston, I had a five year goal and that was to be featured in my favorite quilt magazine, “McCall’s Quick Quilts”. I thought my simple and fast quilt designs might be a good match with their magazine. I trotted over to the McCall’s booth and left my card with someone so that they MIGHT pass it along to the Editor-in Chief. I had a great market and made so many great new contacts! The last day of market can be pretty slow as some of you may I was hanging out in my booth thinking of some new designs for the next market and looked up and saw this beautiful lady dressed very sharp and she seemed to be looking for someone’s booth...I asked, “Can I help you find a booth number?” This lady looked at me and looked up at my booth banner and said, “Are you Jere’e with Quilted Quickies?” Remember...this was my first market and didn’t think anyone could possibly be looking for ME. was Beth Hayes looking for ME!!! Long story short...she was interested in my designs for their magazine! So this 5 year goal that I had came true at my very first quilt market! Needless to say I felt so blessed and have been designing for Quick Quilts ever since. Thank you Beth for giving me a chance! I’ve been so very lucky to grace a couple covers too! July 2006 with a flip flop design and March 2009 with a cupcake design. 

Well, now Quilted Quickies (me) is featured not just once but twice in McCall’s Quilting Special Issue of “America Makes Quilts From The Heart” Winter 2009/2010 issue. My “Hey Cupcake” and “Little Buddies” designs can be found in this fun issue. Dog sure to check out the link below for a free recipe for “Doggie Delights” dog treats!

Hey Cupcake!

Web Bonus - Free “Doggy Delights” Recipe. Click Here

Be sure to pick up your issue of “America Makes Quilts From The Heart” on newsstands today or purchase a copy via McCall’s web site. This issue has lots of pretty quilts and features Pat Sloan and Lissa Alexander...two of my favorites!

Again, thank you to Beth, McCall’s and to all my wonderful customers who follow me to shows, in magazines, and visit our quilt shop in Arizona. 

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  1. Congratulations Jere! A well-deserved accomplishment -- and what an honor!