Monday, June 28, 2010

On the Mend...We Think!

Thanks everyone for wishing Gidget well...I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!! When my baby is sick...MAMA’s NOT HAPPY. Well, we think Gidget is on the mend...her “potty” could look a little we may have to go back to the vet...but little girl is doing so much better. She couldn’t wait to get home to her back own backyard...she’s been at the babysitter while my husband and I were at my Aunt and Uncle’s 50th Wedding Anniversary this past weekend. Anyway, Gidget is playing with her toys, has a healthy appetite, and is running around and barking at anything that moves.
The anniversary party was a blast and like a family reunion. Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera to the party...duh. So I’m hoping that one of my cousins, who say they hate getting on their computers, will send me a photo someday. 
I’m can say that as much fun as the weekend was...I’m glad to be home. As my husband and I headed home from San Diego, our car temperature light came on in Yuma Arizona...YES YUMA. If you don’t know anything about Yuma, can I just say it’s hotter than...well you know where. We had to let the car cool off and then added water. We did this the rest of the way home and finally made it. Guess you can figure out what my husband’s next “honey do” is. 
Well, Gidget and I are off to walk the property and see how our garden grows. 
P.S. Received an email from “Keepsake Quilting” and saw this wonderful recipe for “Punch Bowl Cake”...looks fantastic for next weekend festivities. ENJOY!!


  1. Oh good, Gidget is "on the better". And to top it all off - I'm sure she's home with Mom and Dad in her own surroundings.

    Guess hubby won't want to be without car AC too long as hot as it's been here. I have a hard time imagining Yuma without AC - just YUCK.

    Looks like a recipe I might just have to print out and use for the family get together the last weekend in July. Thank you for sharing.

    Being away from home - okay
    Sick babies - not so fun
    no AC - Yuckie


  2. So glad Gidget is better and that your all home safe and sound. I don't know how anyone lives down in that heat! We get a few hot days in our summer and that's enough for me Hope you get some pictures from your anniversary weekend soon. Take care.