Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Little Under the Weather

Well...Mommy (Me) has been a bit stressed out...this was my little sweetheart not feeling very well a couple of days ago.

Little Gidget Marie loves to chase lizards and may have tagged one the other night. She woke up on Sunday and I could tell she wasn’t her normal little self. Daddy was outside working in the yard and Gidget usually goes between Mommy and Daddy until Mommy gets up and joins Daddy outside. Well...I slept longer on Sunday because I didn’t have my little girl kissing my face until I woke up. I finally got up and went to see what Gidget was up to and to see what was more interesting than waking me up. I found her on her side on a chair in our living room that she hardly ever frequents. I gave her a kiss and she didn’t even respond...well, I knew something was up. Of course, I went and found my husband to see if he knew what was wrong with Gidget. As much as I love my husband...I got a “MAN” response. I went and looked around the yard to see if I could see a half eatin’ something but to no avail. Then, I checked out her favorite chair outside and that’s when I found a regurgitated something.

Well...I tended to Gidget all day and at times she seemed better and then not so good. I read some things on the internet and decided I would go get her a little Pepto Bismol to see if that might help a bit. It did...so I made Gidget some chicken and rice and she ate it up right away. So I thought we were home free. Noooooooooope...she woke up at 1 AM on Monday morning and had to go potty...so I followed her. OMGosh...there was blood in her stool!!!! I freaked out!!! She went back to bed and was shaking and of course I was in tears. I fired up my computer and back to the internet I went. I found some information that settled me down a bit...it said not to freak out...that real red blood usually means that there is some lower intestine issues and is not necessarily an emergency. I got back in bed with Gidge and set my alarm for 5:30 AM. Into the shower and off to the vet we went. Gidget has done this kind of thing before but I had not seen blood before.

Long story shorter...the vet gave Gidget what they call “fluid therapy” (some type of liquid injected just under the skin that rehydrates the animal). Gidget looked like she was the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Looks funny but it works really well!! We also got some antibiotics and were on our way.

Well...I’m happy to report that my baby is soooooo much better today...thank goodness!! She’ll be ready to say “hi” pretty soon to Penny, Maisy, Max, Buster, Bailey and all her other blog doggie friends very soon.

Also on the horizon, I’ll share some of my son’s wedding pics but we are waiting on the photographer. We had a blast and I don’t think my husband and I stopped smiling the entire time. We are going to San Diego this weekend for my Aunt and Uncle’s 50th wedding anniversary. Looking forward to this...it will be like a family reunion.



  1. What a fright for you! I had to laugh at one point. My Doxie Rusty has been waking me every morning this Summer at the time I normally take him for his walk when I'm working. My hubby tries to let him out in the backyard, but Rusty wants "Mom" to get up and let him outside. So glad your Gidget is on the mend.

  2. I'm so glad to know Gidget is better. I don't like it at all when our little love buddies suffer.

  3. Aw, bless her heart! That curled up sleeping like she's doing, allowing you to take her picture, tells me she's not 100% up to snuff. The rehydration under the skin works really well. Had to do that with Penny once. I hope she's past it all now. I hate when our babies are sick. Hugs and prayers for both of you!!

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  5. Oh Gidget! . . . I am so glad that you are feeling better! Now I know why my mom shouts, "leave it!" whenever I go after a lizard or bunny. . . (although I hate to admit it. . .!) I sure hope that you get over your 'tummy-bumbles' & back running around your yard soon. . .!
    xo, Bailey

    p.s. I made a typo the first time I tried to post (I think my paws are too fluffy for the keyboard. . . I can't see all the letters. . .) - so my mom said to try it again. . .

  6. My parents have 2 doxies and they live in Florida. The dogs love to chase and try and eat the lizards, too. Goofy dogs!! Hope Gidget is feeling much better now!!! Puppy hugs from Maisy and Max!

  7. I would have freaked out !!!!!! Did the vet say what could have caused that?? Dora is my hunter, and she attached a frog one night,and after that, she felt really bad....she used to eat geckos and then get sick and feel bad. Thank goodness, she has wiped out the whole colony that once lived in the back yard, so we don't get too much of that anymore!!!