Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Friends

Nope...It's not Gidget

Well, Gidget and I made some new friends! Not hard to do in “blogland” that’s for sure. Vicky (LA Quilter) stopped by my blog a few days ago and WON!!! She responded to my first blog entry and entered her little doggie’s picture...little Miss Penny! 

Talk about pull at my heartstrings!!! All it takes is a Dachshund and I’m all mush. I love ALL dogs...not just please send photos of your baby too! Gidget wants to start a dog blog of her own.

Anyway...usually I would present a prize of my patterns...fabric...etc. but I had to change it up a bit...something only a Dachshund lover would love.’s still kind of a surprise...cuz it’s going in the mail I can’t say just now...except that I made a little video for Vicky and Penny as part of their gift/prize. I love making little videos for people to remember special moments, so please take a look if you have an extra two minutes on Penny on "YouTube". We hope you enjoy seeing Penny in her first movie!

Vicky...I thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoy the video and your gift. Just a little “thank you” for stopping by our blog. 

Private Note...guess not so private...Vicky...Daisy and Daisy are in Doggie Heaven looking down at our two girls (Penny and Gidget) and glad that we have our girls that have filled up our hearts with love...but knowing we never forget them.


  1. Thank you so much for doing that video of Penny! When my Daisy was a little puppy, I took tons of photographs of her. Someone "borrowed" them to share with a friend and then lost them. So have very few puppy pictures of Daisy. Having Penny on video means so much to me. Thank you!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the video!! That song is adorable!! And oh so true of the weiner dogs!! My little dogs started barking when they heard the dog on the video!

    Great blog!!!